What is Trump’s Appeal?

Why did Donald Trump win the 2016 US election?  He hardly looks qualified for it with no history in politics and how he suddenly changed from voting Republican to Democratic multiple times (He was Republican from ‘87 to ‘99, ‘09 to ‘11 and from ‘12 to present, Democratic until 1987 and again during 2001 to 2009, he was independent from 1999 to 2001 and 2011-2012.)  However, since the election is really based on what the people say, the question isn’t why did he win, it is who made him win.

To research this, I had to look at multiple maps of where votes came from in the US election and populations of different states.  The most votes for Trump came from middle America. These states almost always vote Republican.  

However, the real surprise came from Pennsylvania and Florida which both usually vote Democratic, with some exceptions in Florida.  Almost all Democratic votes came from the southeast part of Pennsylvania, the most populated and urban part of the state and the rest came from other parts.  So next I looked at Potter County, a county made of mostly caucasians that got most of its money from manufacturing.  Nearly 15% of the county is in poverty, 23% is over 65 and it’s citizens are 97% white.  The reason behind this is that manufacturing jobs, or blue-collar jobs are mostly found in the rust belt and other rural areas, but a lot of these jobs have gone to China due to cheaper labor costs (This comes with its own set of problems for Chinese civilians by the way).   

One of Trump’s campaign promises was to bring these jobs back to America, presumably why these people voted for him. This has caused the number of people in manufacturing jobs to plummet hitting an all-time low in 2010 at only 11,500 jobs, roughly.  This looks dramatically similar to middle America,  which I’m about to talk about.

I looked at a Texas county called Dallam, that was in North Texas and the stats are virtually the same except for the fact that %17 is in poverty, 8.9% is over 65 and %92 is white unlike the previous %97 and thus roughly the same.  The common themes are that more than 90% of the county is white and more than 15% is in poverty.  

So, these show us that the majority of Trump’s voters were poor white people. They definitely have their reasons for voting for him.  For one thing, stuff such as immigration policies, can’t really affect them in a big way.  They’re not just doing this for no reason.  They feel like they have no political voice and Trump is going to change that.  Things clearly haven’t gone the way those people in those counties expected them to.   It’s a sad story, something that you wouldn’t expect to happen.  That demographic makes up the majority of his base voters.  There are some votes that seem hard to explain, but they all came from somewhere, regardless of how hard they are to explain.

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