X out X

It’s everywhere, all around, it follows us… the iPhone X. The boom was so big that you couldn’t go anywhere without it following you. It is on billboards, ads, commercials. The list is endless, and, it seems like the way Apple is heading, we could be carrying around iPhone 300,000,000,000 that is as big as a house. People are wanting bigger and bigger phones.

We asked fellow students about their take on it and here are their answers:

Most people think the best one is the iPhone 6s or 6s plus because they are advanced but not too big. Apple is becoming really deceitful because when you download the new updates they crash your phone and drain your battery (though this is just a theory).  People are either loving it or hating it. It seems like the apple industry is just running out of ideas. We are just wondering what new lows apple will go to in the following years. It makes no sense because they have had so many good advancements it just makes things crazy when they make steps backward. 

When given the choice of the X, 7, or 6s most people wanted either the X or the 6s. it was actually split 26.5 for each. As for the rest of the people 21.7 wanted a 7, 8.7 wanted all of them and 17.4  didn’t want any of them.

Only 30% of people even wanted a big phone, most want a slightly smaller phone. Over half of the people who we interviewed think that the X is way to much money.

One of our really smart answers even figured out that you could just wait for the person to be asleep and then scan their face. They have tested it against multiple sets of identical twins and the X unlocked immediately for both even if one was only set.

So does this make Apple into the amazing superheroes they want or are they turning into the monsters with the worlds most advanced technology literally at their fingertips.  What is the fate of the world now that phones seem to be failing. Could Apple become a thing of the past? Will our children be brought back to what is the more classic phone or will they have a phone bigger than their head?  the world is just changing way too fast for us. So do you think this makes them amazing or scary?


One thought on “X out X”

  1. Have you ever held a iPhone x? Is it the same size as the iPhone 6s? Yes. Dude do more research and edjacate these people to understand how under advanced the iPhone 6s is.

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