Cafeteria Food: Yah or nah

By: Maddie Daniel and Luke Lendler

“Cafeteria food is pretty overpriced,” said every student at GFS. Middle School students have many thoughts on the cafeteria, such as the long lines, the expensive food and the good sushi always being gone. Middle Schoolers agree that it could use some improvements.

“Why does the healthy food have to be expensive?” said Evan, a sixth grader. Doesn’t the cafeteria want us to eat healthy food? Last year the food was actually pretty good. We would have cheesesteaks two to three times a month, and milkshakes every once in a while. Now we have the new “really healthy cafeteria.”  That is a pretty good idea, but now the hot table only has rice and greens.

One student said, “If there is no one coming to the hot table then take a hint that you should improve the food.” Luke L. said, “Take sushi Wednesday. Good idea, but the California roll always runs out before I get down there. If those run out the most, get more of them!”

And what’s up with the deli? The lines take forever and by the time you get your food everyone is gone. They need a little help back there! That’s not even the worst part. Why does the smoothie bar have all that space for one smoothie thing which, by the way, not a lot of people use.

The best idea for cafeteria improvements that we’ve heard all year is making the smoothie bar into a pasta bar where you serve yourself, then at the register they weigh how much you have and price it at that. We rarely have pasta, so that is a brilliant idea.

Mostly, Middle School students are sick of racing downstairs to the cafeteria to get stuck in huge lines and having an empty account after just one meal.

Photo by Maddie Daniel

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