“Dismissed” Movie Synopsis

The long awaited return of the Sprouse twins(well…one of them) has come, with the recent Netflix thriller Dismissed starring Dylan Sprouse. The movie is about new student Lucas Ward (Dylan Sprouse) who gets a B+ on an assignment from his english teacher Mr. Butler (Kent Osborne).

He believes a B+ was unfitting based off of the amount of work he put into the assignment, so he goes on to sabotage and manipulate Mr. Butler in order to get him to bring his grade up to an A. Lucas starts small by slashing his tires and drying his markers, but he’s pushed off of the edge when Mr. Butler finds out about the sabotage, and decides to give him an F as his final grade. Lucas ends up (and succeeds) in ruining Mr. Butlers marriage, by sending anonymous love letters to his house and having his wife find them; making it look like he’s having an affair with another person.

Lucas eventually ends up murdering Mr.Butler’s wife and kidnapping his infant son and taking him to the high school english classroom. Lucas threatens to kill his son with a pen(yes, a pen)and tells him to sit down, while he goes on one of those “philosophical villain speeches” and ends up giving Mr. Butler a chance to charge him and attack him, Mr. Butler attempts tries to kill Lucas by choking him, but is stopped when a police officer enters the room and tells him to let Lucas go. Mr. Butler gets up and picks his son up in his arms, and the scene ends with him walking away from the school into the night.

Overall, the movie is interesting and worth watching, not just because of Dylan Sprouse, who hasn’t been in a movie since 2010, but because of the suspense and amazing acting!

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