Golf: Boring or Awesome?

By: Dean D.

Golf is usually seen as a game played by elderly men in golf carts or (boring) parents. As an avid golfer myself, I can’t help but wonder what kids a GFS think about this sport, so I asked around.  

Personally, I love golf! I like being in the rolling plains of the course. I love the quiet tension and respect, and that no one is throwing stuff at you. It is also amazing to see the beautiful landscape.  But in general GFSers don’t like golf. Here is what they said:

“It’s an interesting sport that some people find boring.”

“I think golf sucks. Golf is also stupid, pointless, and boring.” -Audrey

“I like golf.” -Lucy

“It’s a white man’s sport.” -Mathew

“It destroys the environment, and should be banned.” -Ezra

¨It’s boring.” -Addison

¨Golf is stupid.” -Leo

¨I don’t know what golf is¨ -Angus

¨It’s pretty much like hockey with one player. It’s a terrible sport, and I don’t see why anyone plays it.¨ -Simon

¨It’s extremely boring.” -Benji

“It’s basically not a sport.” -Owen

Even though golf is not popular at GFS, as of 2008 golf has 29.5 million players in the U.S.A. alone  (according to Sports Illustrated). Some golf tournaments have purses of over one million dollars and golf players such as Tiger Woods are celebrities. Golf is still pretty popular.

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