Trends, Vlogs, and Clickbait: How to Become a YouTube Celebrity

YouTube is a website and an app that is used by millions and millions of people every day. There are 300 hours of video uploaded every minute on the site, and over 5 billion videos are watched by people every day. Famous Youtubers have gained a lot of influence in the last decade. Before 2005, the dream of becoming a famous Youtuber didn’t even exist. So how can someone like me or you possibly become a famous and rich Youtuber?

The Basics: Views and Ads

The most important thing when making videos is trying to get the most views. YouTube awards ad revenue based on watch time and on how many ads are looked at. More ad revenue means more money for you.

Step 1: Decide what content you want to make and stay consistent (but be open to trends [step 2])

The first step to becoming a Youtuber is deciding what content you want to make. Do you want to be a gaming channel? A sports channel? A cooking channel? Make sure your content is interesting and original if you want to get more views. Add your own personal style to your content. Decide what you want to make and stay consistent. Don’t be a gaming channel one day, and a cooking channel the next day.

But what if I don’t have any skills? What if I can’t cook, I can’t play video games, and don’t have a personality? What can I do to get subscribers?

Well, I have just the job for you. Vlogging is the best way to get subscribers with little to no effort. Sure, you can make high-quality vlogs, with good camera equipment and professional filmmaking, but who wants to watch that? Just get your iPhone and have Photoshop ready for those clickbait thumbnails (more on that later) and you’ll be set!

Step 2: Follow trends

While trends are happening, people will be more interested in watching content related to that specific trend. Try to shape the trend so it fits into your category of content. If you’re a gaming channel, don’t make slime, cover your keyboard in slime! Ride the trend and collect views until the trend ends. Don’t try to get views from it forever. Nobody will want to watch fidget spinner channels in 2019.

Step 3: Clickbaiting

Clickbait is when you make your video look more interesting than it actually is, by making clickable thumbnails and titles for your videos. Clickbaiting is a good way to attract a lot of attention to your channel. For example, if you want to call you video “6 hours of spinning a fidget spinner”, instead call it “WORLD RECORD! Longest time spinning a fidget spinner! (ALMOST DIED) *emotional*”.

Step 4: Stretching to 10 minutes

Ads are the main way of making money on YouTube, so more ads in your video is better for you. The way to make the most advertiser money on YouTube is by stretching your video to at least 10 minutes long. YouTube likes putting ads on longer videos, so by making the video longer, you get more money.

A good way to stretch those 10 minutes is by stretching your intro. Your intro is what you say at the beginning of your video.

An example of a normal intro:

Hey guys, it’s MinecraftVlogs here. Today we’re doing another vlog. Make sure to like and subscribe for more daily Minecraft content.

An example of a s t r e t c h e d intro

What’s up MinecraftVlogs Army Squad, IT’S your boi, MinecraftVlogs here, and today, in this video, we are doing ANOTHER epic vlog today. Guys I am so excited for this vlog because this is a very special vlog today, make sure you guys SMASH that like button, and hit the red subscribe button, then hit the bell and turn notifications on. I will be picking one random subscriber this week to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Guys really I am so excited for this vlog, OH wait, we also have new merch this week, so make sure you go to…”

Step 5: Collaborations and Selling Out

Doing a collaboration on a video with a larger Youtuber can help bring attention to you and boost your subscriber count. Another way to boost your sub count is by selling out, a long term version of doing a collaboration. Selling out is when you sign a contract with a large group of more powerful Youtubers, normally called a team, a fam, a squad, or a gang. Selling out may require you to go against things you believe in, but who cares! You’re getting rich!

Step 6: Controversy

It is scientifically proven that the human brain loves drama and controversy. The more controversy and drama you get into, the more views and subscribers you will have. Take Pogan Laul for example. Popular makeup tutorial Youtuber Pogan Laul recently got into some controversy when he posted a video of himself giving a dead man a total makeover. Instead of losing popularity during the controversy, he gained over 1 million subscribers. The most important part of getting into controversy is to 100% avoid the haters. Being sincerely sorry for your actions won’t get you any subs. Keep getting into controversy, and you’ll gain popularity every time!

Step 7: Manipulation

Perhaps the most important part of Youtubing. It it important to be able to manipulate your fans so they can buy your merchandise, and back you up if you get into controversy. The more you can manipulate, the more views you have, and the more subs you gain. This strategy is also widely used in politics!

That’s it! You’re well on your way to becoming a famous Youtube champion! Have fun creating and always remember these rules.

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