The Best and Worst of Super Bowl LI

Every February, American television is taken over by the Super Bowl frenzy. Some people get swept up by the game: they criticize the referees, yell at the tv, and go crazy when their team scores a touchdown.  I interviewed Middle Schoolers and asked them, “Did you enjoy the game, or not?”

In the Middle School, everyone was excited that the Eagles were in the Super Bowl, but Issa Rabb wasn’t rooting for anyone in the big game. One of my questions was, ¨What was your favorite play of the game?¨most people said either, Tom Brady missing a very nice pass, or, Alshon Jeffery scoring the first touchdown of the game. Luke Lendler on the other hand liked the play where ¨Corey Clement stiff-armed a player to the ground.¨ The highest rating from 1-10 on the halftime show was 8. But, Issa rated the halftime show the lowest, by saying, “Trash, 1.” The average rating was 4.

The last question I asked was, ¨Did you enjoy the game, or not?” Everyone said yes, but the best answer I got was from Ian Kohn, who said, “Yes! It was a great game because it was exciting, action-packed, and thrilling”. There are a few interviews not mentioned in this, because either the same answers were given to me, or because they didn’t watch the game. My opinion was that the game was action-packed, and it never got boring. It was the most exciting Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.


Photo By Evan K.

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