Tyrod Taylor- The Greatest of All Time?

Have you ever heard of Tyrod Taylor? Probably not. Eight out of the ten people I interviewed did not know who Tyrod is. If you watch football you might have an idea. That scrappy quarterback for the Bills. Or the quarterback who only completed 46% of his passes in a playoff game against Jacksonville. The guy who got outdueled by Blake Bortles, of all people. But I believe that Tyrod is better than you may think, even the greatest player of all time. To do this I will compare him head to head with who many think of as the GOAT, Tom Brady.

Tyrod vs Tom

  1. Throwing accuracy.


Tom Brady has 160 career interceptions. Tyrod has only 18. Interceptions are bad. Less interceptions is better. Therefore, Tyrod is more accurate than Tom.


FUN FACT: Tyrod has the lowest interception percentage in NFL history.


  1. Speed


Tom Brady is extremely slow. He currently has 62 speed in madden (out of 100). Tyrod’s speed is 88. Tyrod is faster than Tom.


FUN FACT: Tom Brady ran his 40 yard dash in 5.28 seconds and Tyrod ran it in 4.51 seconds.


  1. Super Bowl


Tom Brady has 3 super bowl losses. Tyrod has 1 superbowl win and has never lost in the big game. In other words, every time Tyrod has played in a superbowl, he has won. Tyrod is better in the superbowl than Tom.


FUN FACT: Tyrod was so good in his superbowl win with the ravens, that he had no interceptions, was never sacked, no incompletions, and no fumbles. Yet somehow Joe Flacco won mvp instead.


  1. Personality and Fans


Tom Brady wears Uggs. Tyrod is a well dressed man.


  1. Age


Tom Brady is and old man at 40 years old. Tyrod is 12 years younger.


  1. Honesty and Sportsmanship


Tom Brady was suspended for deflating footballs. The Patriots also have a large and sketchy history of cheating. Tyrod has never been involved in any cheating, or he is just too slick to get caught.


  1. Team


Only bandwagons like the Patriots. Loyal fans like the Browns.


  1. Against each other


When Tyrod and Tom played each other on October 2nd, 2016, the Bills won 16 to 0. Tyrod threw for 246 yards and a touchdown. Tom Brady didn’t even play in that game. I think Tom Brady decided to get suspended so that he wouldn’t have to play Tyrod.


  1. Value


Tyrod Taylor was recently traded to the browns for a 3rd round pick.


So, Tyrod= 3rd round pick


Tom Brady was a 6th round pick.


Therefore, Tom= 6th round pick


A 3rd round pick is better than a 6th round pick. Using algebras we can see that Tyrod is better than Tom.


6th round < 3rd round

So Tom < Tyrod


  1. Nicknames

Tyrod Taylor’s nickname is Tygod Taylor. Tom Brady nickname is the goat. Goats are dumb and slow. God is good. God made goats, so God is better than a goat. This means that Tyrod is better than Tom.

In conclusion, Tyrod Taylor is the greatest of all time.

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