Vegetarians vs Vegans

In the United States, 4% of men and 7% of women are on a vegetarian and vegan diet. The population in the USA for vegetarians and vegans has increased by a lot.  Many people are willing to give up meat, which can be as much as  50% of their diet. But is that good enough?  Do we need more than 11% of the population to give up meat in order to care for animals?

Vegetarians and vegans both eat no meat, but vegans don’t eat any products produced by animals. For example, vegans don’t eat dairy, eggs, or honey. Vegetarianism is a diet while veganism is a lifestyle.

I interviewed people at GFS who are vegetarians, vegans, other or neither and here are some of the answers: Lindsey, an 8th grader, who is vegetarian and said, “Food can be difficult to find for vegetarians and vegans, and sometimes it can be hard to watch others eat. Being a vegetarian or even just cutting back on animal products or meat can be really helpful and can make a big difference even if you might think not.” Thanks, Lindsey for those words of wisdom!

One thing that stands out is how people think that being a vegan doesn’t really help or make a difference. They think that because the animals are bred to produce the product the animals would explode and die if the product wasn’t needed! Okay maybe a little exaggerated, but others think a little differently about that.

Another GFS student who is not a vegetarian or a vegan had something a little different to say: ” Most people don’t think we are hurting the animals but the truth is that most farmers just want the money and give these animals a terrible life! Imagine being locked up in prison for your whole life then being killed at the end for food. That’s no way to treat a living thing!”

My research showed that farmers actually do hurt their animals for products by locking them in cages, tightly compacting them together, give them no rest time just work. They even cut down chickens beaks so they won’t peck each other.

As people always say there’s more than meets the eye, and there are things behind locked doors we don’t know about. We expect things are fine but we don’t live in a utopia, the world isn’t perfect and sometimes we have to appreciate and take into notice things around us. Cutting back on the meat can do a lot. The future depends on humans, so let’s treat our world right because no one else is going to take care of it.




Vegetarian and vegan statistics from:

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