Channel (not so) Awesome

Fame can come with a lot of shady controversies. Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and Al Franken are just a few examples of celebrities who were once beloved by many and were later exposed to having done terrible acts. And the people at Channel Awesome are sadly starting to fall into that category. It’s surprising how a group of people we all thought were just harmless movie critics who so many once looked up to, could be involved with everything that has been going on around the channel.

For those who don’t know, Channel Awesome is a website/Youtube channel comprised of independent film reviewers and critics. The most popular being Doug Walker A.K.A the Nostalgia Critic. Channel Awesome has grown to become one of, if not, the biggest Youtube critic channels out there.  Unfortunately, the website has been exposed to unfair treatment towards other members of the channel.  The main offender of this is the website’s administrator Mike Michaud.

Michaud is probably the first to be addressed. Ever since he bought the rights to the Nostalgia Critics character, he’s been the biggest source of controversy on the channel. He’s fired producers, forced reviewers to work with lower than average wages, and has been a complete sexist to female reviewers. To quote a Twitter post from Channel Awesome member Allison Pregler,

“I do recall shooting a crossover there where I was cornered about midrolls and cried in a bathroom. I also know they turned down at least one person offering to pay and use their studio because it would disrupt the flow of their own stuff.”

This later escalated into an entire chain talking about how sexist and terrible at management Mike Michaud is.

“Yes, he definitely does not like women. I believe he called me a “troublemaker” at one point. ” Michaud has also forced members to do videos in the desert, without bringing any water for hydration. Not to mention, he has been exposed multiple times for making many incompetent decisions for the website. Doug Walker and his brother Rob Walker have also been rumored to have a part in the channels downfall, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

The worst part about this fiasco is that the channel refuses to even acknowledge what they’re doing. They didn’t even try to lie and cover up what they did. This makes the guys running the channel not only terrible but also ignorant. What’s even worse is that whenever the channel moves on, its audience moves on. We need to remember everything that’s going on at Channel Awesome so we can get the confirmation that we need.

One thought on “Channel (not so) Awesome”

  1. Good read. When I was in Israel, I met a friend who told me that I should work for Walker. After I learned this clown was stingy was his money, I knew that he was raised in a barn so to speak. The rubber might have hit the road but at least Walker won’t win anymore popularity contests.

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