School All Year Long

There are some days when the only thing that crosses your mind is summer. The teacher is talking about a new subject and you’re tapping your pencil mindlessly. The thought of swimming with your friends, playing baseball outside or reading a book in a hammock is all you can think of. No matter what time of year it is, this feeling comes to every middle student across the United States, but more and more schools are having year-round school.

A majority of the United States has 180 school days and then summer vacation.  There is a new system that is starting to develop in schools across the country. The new system operates for 180 days but then has shorter breaks in between each term. The most well-known plan is the 45-15 plan. The students go to school for 45 days then have a 15-day break. Some schools are including breaks (Easter,  Hanukkah) into the fifteen days and some are not. A majority of the students enrolled in this program like the idea. The students believe that without the three-month break, they will be able to retain material better. The teachers also believe that their students will do better.

Not all students agree with this idea. A GFS student said, “I think it is a bad idea because you need a longer period of time to function well. It is a repeating cycle. Can you actually go to camps for a week? Of course not. I think people would go crazy. That is disgusting.”

Another GFS student said, “I understand why they try to do that, but I would not personally do well.” An older student liked the idea, “I think this is a good idea. Students are set up to do well because there is more education. Instead of piling on material that you have never learned in the summer, you learn it from your teachers. I wish more schools did this even though, I know GFS will never.”

A majority of students do not like the 45-day plan and believe that students will do better if they have a long period of time for breaks. If there are not enough breaks they can get mentally burned out, or will actually forget the material.

Middle schoolers will be very happy to know that GFS has a summer break…and soon!

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