By Dean D.

On Wednesday, March 14, thousands of students across the nation exited their classroom. Some student marched in their neighborhoods, other schools, like GFS, spent seventeen minutes in silence. A month earlier, a shooter entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with a modified AR-15 assault rifle and murdered 17 students and faculty. The goal of the wave of activism that spread across the country was to create tougher background checks with the hope of preventing future tragedies.

GFS was one of the schools participating in the walkout. While the movement was largely student-led in GFS, it was hard to tell. The faculty of GFS were extremely supportive of the walkout, making announcements and setting up cameras at The Commons. They discontinued class and moved break on both walkouts.

In one of the meetings in S-13 to organize the April 20 walkout, one student sat in the corner, eating her lunch. A few seventh graders found statistics gun deaths and went over the schedule for the walkout. At the center of the meeting was a document with the parameters from teachers. When the seventh graders brought up how there should be more teachers involved, the response was that at GFS the movement was “teacher-led.”

From what people said at the walkout, there will be another, but turnout may decrease. Will there be enough people to support the cause? Will teachers be supportive of the next movement? How supportive will you be of the next walkout?

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