9:00 AM Wednesday Start

When the news that the Wednesday late start coming to an end filled the middle school, there was an uproar. One eighth-grader said “I am very upset that the late start is now gone. I used that time to catch up on sleep and or work on projects. That time helped me not only be more energized in school but also helped me get work done.” It was a day where school started at 9:00 a.m. leaving children an extra hour to sleep in. If the student could not stay home during this time, they were allowed to come to school and wait for school to start. 

The late start appeared to be a perfect idea. The idea was that students could either sleep in or use this time to complete assignments. This turned out though, not to be the case. Most students had to come to school early due to their parents’ work schedule. Students would then either wait in the Yarnall on their phones or wander around campus. This became a problem because not only could teachers not keep track of students, students would be sitting on their phones getting no work done. When asked about this a seventh grader said, “The late start did not affect me. My family and I treated it as a normal day. My parents were unable to get me to school at 9:00 a.m. Therefore, I would be dropped off at 8:05. I noticed though, that almost every student played on their phones the whole time. Other students would leave and walk around campus. I understand why the Middle School decided to repeal the late start.”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation is a very serious matter for students across the world. Although teenagers spend most of their time at school, they can not get the full benefits due to sleep deprivation. This impacts a child’s ability to focus, solve challenging problems, and retaining information. Not only can this affect a student temporarily, but this could also further affect their education in the long run. 

There is no doubt that sleep is a must in a growing teenagers life. There is so much stress in a teens life and that also is the main factor in sleep deprivation.

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