ABC or 123: Arts vs. Sciences

Would you rather have a pencil in your hand or math problems in your brain?

Student and teachers at GFS answered the question, “Which one do you like more, Art and English or Math and Science?” Many people differ on their favorite subjects. It may be because of grades, workload, or what they enjoy the most.

GFS 7th grader Andrea thinks that Art and English are better than math and science. Andrea stated that students don’t have to use your brain as much in Math as English. Although Andrea doesn’t like school very much, she likes to be creative and have free will; and Art and English allow her to do that. As in Math and Science, “you have to follow the method or it could be wrong.”

Another 7th grader, Mia, adores science because you have to think logically and there is a certain way to do it. She said, “When you figure out the certain method on how to complete the task, you are prepared.”

Therefore, students the same age, gender, and school have different thoughts about their classes.

Luca, a 7th grader, also in the band FrogFur, prefers Math and Science. He explained that Science and Math have more tests and homework. In his mind, he likes more educational activities and after-school work falls into that category. Also, Luca receives better grades in these subjects than others. But the tables turn when he stated that people benefit more from English. He mentioned, “English is more beneficial because we use it every day and it is the first thing we learned as a child.”

In conclusion, 7th graders have several different ideas of subjects. Creativity can lead to inspirational thoughts and numbers can change the world. Not everyone likes the same thing and have a variety of explanation. Luca enjoys Math and Science class because of the work while Mia prefers the same subjects, but because of the rigid thinking. On the other hand, Andrea likes opening up her mind to creativity, but not having not think as much. What do you like best?

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