Are 3 Day Weekends in Our Future?

Three-day weekends are what many of middle schoolers wish for. Not having to go to work or school on Mondays would make the school days that much more enjoyable. Things used to be worse, in the 1920s many people only got a one-day weekend. Henry Ford gave his workers an extra day off so they would have more time to buy his cars and use them more. While this was not entirely good intentions, it gave people an extra day off to spend with their families. Many people theorized that the workweek would keep getting shorter, but why hasn’t it? Maybe it’s because people don’t want a 3 day weekend? Or maybe they need all 5 days to get things done?

After interviewing two students and two teachers, three out of four said that they would want a three day weekend. They all said that they would use the time for some combination of school-related work and spending time with their families. Out of both teachers interviewed, they were split on if there would be too much time between classes. Both teachers came up with alternative solutions to accommodate more time for students outside of school, but still enough time to fit the curriculum.

The two students interviewed liked school, and both said that teachers may not have enough time to teach and meet with students. Three day weekends have also been proven to boost productivity, so maybe with the shorter span of time, teachers and students could get more done.

Three-day weekends seem like a long way off, but many companies are running trials currently, so maybe it isn’t too far off. All we know is that the conversation about 3 day weekends is still far from over. 

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