Axis and Allies 1940 Review

By Leo Katowitz, a Novice Axis and Allies Player

You sit in a chair, leaning over a game board the size of the world. You determine the strategy of your next turn. You look over at your opponent, he is attacking the heartland of your territory, the capital. He is shaking over the massive amounts of troops you have, ready to strike. You grin. They are going into a trap, perfect for the situation. By the end of the game, you have pushed them back to their capital. You stand victoriously over the battlefield, looking down upon your enemies. If you are a lover of board games, and intensity, then Axis and Allies is for you!  Axis and Allies is a strategy game, involving lots of intensity, and lots of tanks! In Axis and Allies, you can play in different timelines of history. It is mostly set during World War 2. Axis and Allies has many “editions” such as when you can play in 1914, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942. There are more boards that depict certain battles in history like D-Day, and Battle of the Bulge. This article will focus on Axis and Allies, 1940 global.

Axis and Allies hit the market in 1984 with the classical World War 2 map with its main superpowers, Japan, Germany, and Italy on the Axis side. For the Allies side, it is Britain, The U.S.S.R (or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or just The Soviet Union), and the U.S.A. Usually, the game needs to have a minimum of 2 people, but in the biggest games, it can play up to 8 people. People can pick what nation they want to play as, though it depends on what game you are playing. A usual game would take about 12-16 hours. The setup almost takes 1 and a half hours, but do not get discouraged. When you end setting up, you may look down upon you little soldiers them on your board.

There are two parts to 1940 global: Axis and Allies 1940 Europe and Pacific. Both usually cost $70 dollars. You can combine the two boards to make Axis and Allies 1940 global. The Axis and Allies Global edition cost $140 dollars total, but it is COMPLETELY WORTH IT. In total, there are over 400-600 pieces. The 1940 global map is over 4 and a half feet long and consists of over 11 nations. Peter, a 7th grader and a pro at Axis and Allies player, says, “1940 is worth it if you are really hardcore.” He also says, “Axis and allies 1940 is a good game for a large number of people and a lot of patience is good, but if you don’t, then get a different one. The powers in 1940 global are Britain, USSR, U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Anzacs, France, and China. Axis and Allies is super fun and exciting game to play. 


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