Is America Too Tech-Obsessed?

America is home to some of the biggest consumers on the planet, so it makes sense that we would be obsessed with the latest technology.  The average American adult spends ten hours a day staring at a screen. The average teenager spends nine hours a day on a device. Computers are powerful, useful machines, so it kind of makes sense that we would use them that much.  It’s possible to do so much with these devices, so why don’t we use them for more?

Using ones and zeros, it’s possible to make a computer do so much more than what we actually use them for. Computers can solve complex calculations that humans can’t even begin to comprehend.  Computers are what’s gotten us to space and how we have gotten so far since inventing the wheel. They’re incredibly powerful machines, yet we use them to take pictures of our food. This is probably because most people don’t understand how computers work. If people had a better understanding of programming and the way a computer works, then maybe we could use them for more valuable purposes.  There’s nothing wrong with using computers for fun, but it’s possible to use them for way more.

The reason that we use technology to share pictures of each other is probably because humans have always had a way to share information and stories.  Really, we’re using technology to share stories with one another, which is part of being human.

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