Life With Seven Cats

Illustration by Isabella B. 

It isn’t common for someone to have seven cats. Most cat owners have one to three cats, or possibly four. But for some people in GFS (maybe three people) and others in the world, seven cats or even more is a thing in their lives.  I, Leo, am one of those people. I have seven cats.

Some people when they hear that immediately say, “Excuse me?” or give me a frown. When friends walk into my house, they are sometimes surprised by the cats. Living with seven cats is not as easy as it seems, you have to feed them, pet them, clean up after them, and play with them to keep their sanity in check. A checklist must be devised to complete daily tasks.

A Daily Life With Seven Cats

When you wake up, you have to feed the cats. The cats are fed in the morning and the evening, with the occasional cat treats throughout the day. My family feeds our cats in the basement. It is hard to gather seven cats in one room, but they respond to a roll-call. This is achieved by shouting all their names at the top of your lungs and walking down the basement stairs loudly. This will attract them. Once all cats have been lured into the room, you have to feed them. If this doesn’t happen, then they will lose interest and run away. Hopefully, success is achieved and the cats are now eating. Phase one of feeding time is over, phase two is a bit harder.

After the cats are fed the litter boxes must be cleaned. You have to sift through the liter for “business” and other kinds of stuff the cats dropped. It is like what they did back in the 1800s when they were searching for gold in California. This entire process will take at least five minutes.

Throughout the day, whenever I encounter a cat, I will pet the cat. The downside of this is that it sends small clots of hair floating in the air and on the ground. Sometimes these “hairballs” will roll across a room like a tumbleweed in the wild west. Though this only happens rarely during the day because I am at school.

At night, petting is essential. This is because if you pet them enough, they might sleep on your bed. This will provide a nice foot warmer and an eight-hour window of petting. Sleeping, might be hard to do if you wake up in the middle of the night. During midnight, the cats will engage in games. These games consist of running around the house at full speed, play fighting, being disruptive, and the classical meowing chorus.

Seven cats is not the limit to the number of cats one could have, but I’m keeping things “small” for now.

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