Mix-Up Mix Dance

The Middle School Mix dance course is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore different forms of dance through class research, discussion, and physical movement,” says Sloan Kearney, the instructor for the dance section of Middle School Mix. Middle School. This new offering in the GFS Middle School was meant to give students art education that most had not been receiving before, but is it working?

Many students said that they would like the class to be more dancing and less learning about the components of dance. “I would rather be dancing to trends, than standing around and learning about the dances,” says a sixth grader. This student said that Mix Dance would be more active and enticing by dancing along to more current songs.

A seventh grader states, ”My favorite thing we did was learn line dances.” A study at the University of Chicago shows that students are much more likely to learn and pursue the subject when enjoying your subject. When dancing and getting good exercise, you sweat, releasing endorphins (feel-good hormones). Making people happier when actively dancing, and more likely to continue dancing. People that disagree might say, the students wouldn’t learn anything about other culture’s dances. If they love dancing, they could get more in-depth teaching of dance in their own time. 

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