Phones Kept in Locker Purgatory!

One of the newest peeves of eighth graders is the cell phone policies. It’s against the rules for an eighth grader to have a phone in their pocket or their bag during school hours. It wasn’t announced until after the farm show, well after the beginning of the year. Gossip across grades informed students airdropping inappropriate videos to teachers on the bus on the way back from the farm show.

Sean Hamer, the principle of the GFS Middle School, says, “We had to change the policies mid-year for eighth grade because that was where most of the violations (of the cell phone policies) were occurring.” Sadly, the locker only policy will soon extend to the whole middle school. Next year, the annoyingly small lockers will be switched to larger lockers, like those in the fields.

lyla tech policies illustrationIn the seventh grade they started a fix it slip system. It is a process where (a) The teacher sends middle schooler to Rachel’s office, where they (b) fill out a “fix it slip” where they admit the fault in their ways, and find a new path for the future. The problem with fix it slips is that they have become somewhat of a joke, even a game. If a student does something another student doesn’t like, that student may shout out “Fix it!” In the cafeteria, I’ve heard kids have competitions about who can get the most fix it slips. If a student gets a fix it slip, other students take a knee. Clearly, this is a flawed system, which should be drastically changed. Unfortunately, this may also be instituted for the whole middle school as will the current eighth-grade phone policies. The seventh grade may just be beta testing fix it slips. 

If the fix it slip idea in the seventh grade continues, it is probable that any middle schooler caught with a phone outside of their locker will be sent to Rachel’s office to get a fix it slip. But why this reign of terror and persecution for teenagers? Sean Hammer described a time before the cell phone policies where “Phones were ringing in classes, People were going to the bathroom to check their phone…” Perhaps this is exaggerated.


If students had any say in these creations, perhaps they would be different, but we don’t. Instead, the middle school is hoping that adults will take pity, and allow us to keep our phones in our backpacks at the very least. It is simply impractical for middle schoolers to keep phones in their lockers, which barely anyone uses past sixth grade.

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