Retiring the Tiger: Ideas For a New GFS Mascot

One of the most uninteresting parts of the education system (besides the education system) is the school mascot. Colleges and schools usually choose tasteless, fierce animals for their mascot, such as lions, wolves, hawks and so on.  For GFS, it is the tiger, the creature that spreads “pride” throughout our community. The tiger isn’t exactly an orginal mascot, however… there are 23 colleges in the US with tiger mascots, and too many schools to count. GFS should move on to a more creative choice for their mascot. Here are some ideas from me and other GFS students for a fresh, better school icon.

A Quaker

GFS is, after all, a quaker school, so why not make its mascot a quaker? Seventh grader Leo K. suggested this idea. The mascot could show a picture of a regular quaker, as in just a guy that could be reading a book or something. Another example could be more of a cliché quaker, like an old guy with a white-hair wig and a pilgrim hat, like that company that makes my oatmeal. The idea doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of our competing schools, but neither does a moose. Take that, AFS.

A Flip Phone

Drawing (4)

This idea was given to me by seventh grader Jasper M., known for his band’s famed FrogFur YouTube channel and their classic, “Flip Phone.” This isn’t exactly scary or representative of GFS, but who knows, people like “Flip Phone.”

The Meeting House

Drawing (1)

Similar to the quaker idea, seventh grader Dean D. suggests the Meetinghouse as a mascot idea. GFS is all about the Meetinghouse. It has been here since the 1800s, and has a history of old quakerism in Philadelphia. Like it or not, the Meetinghouse makes this school special. Putting the house on a flag does seem a bit obscure, but hey, originality always seems that way at first.

A Stack of Money

Drawing (2).jpeg

Well, what can I say? It does represent the school.

Goblin Shark

Drawing (3)

Nobody actually suggested this, but I think it would be perfect. Have you ever seen a goblin shark? They are these weird, freaky monster things that live in the deep ocean and can scare the bajeezus out of anyone. Put one of those on a GFS flag, and all the other schools will poop their pants.

A Potato

Drawing (1)

Sixth grader Julian gave the idea of a potato, because, of course he did. I mean, I like potatoes. Who doesn’t, right?

Well, what do you think? Did one of these ideas appeal to you? What suggestions to you have for our school’s mascot?

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