Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

The Samsung Fold has released and models are already breaking. The device functions as a phone and a tablet and costs $1,980. It is part of the first generation of folding phones to be released, followed by the Huawei Mate X, a Chinese phone. Though folding phones may be in our near future, they aren’t entirely functional yet. The Fold has a visible crease down the middle, and the screen that is displayed when the device isn’t folded isn’t really useful.  It has already been canceled after only a few weeks of the device being on the market. Clearly, there are a lot of issues that need to be solved.

The biggest issues seem to stem from the fact that it’s a folding phone. The visible crease down the middle of the screen could become annoying very quickly, and having a tiny, hardly used screen on the front just seems excessive. The phone uses a plastic screen, which is needed to make the phone foldable, but seems flimsy when compared to the glass that most premium phones use. The truth is, we don’t have the technology to make a glass, folding phone that doesn’t feel cheap.

The other issue is that the phone costs $2,000, and it was very difficult to get a model even if someone could pay for a $2,000, luxury phone. The iPhone X is priced half as much, which is still an enormous amount of money to charge for a phone, but it is easier to find, buy and access.  The iPhone XS and XR will probably be the Fold’s leading competitors, as expensive phones made for the people who can afford them, and even if the Fold is a better device, if it costs more to get it, it probably won’t be able to beat the competition.

Unfortunately, even though the Fold appears to be the phone of the future, it will probably fail.  Folding phones are a very exciting concept, but they aren’t quite ready yet. Hopefully sometime in the next decade, smartphone companies will be able to build a more successful phone that can fold, and is a better mechanical product.  The Samsung Fold is a good prototype, but we still have a long way to go.

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