David Kern: The New Director

David Kern: the new Interim Director of the Middle School. What are his goals? What are his view on areas for improvement?

“I am not going to be staying as the principal, I am officially the ‘Interim Middle School Director’ but my goals for this year are to have a great year, to keep all of the good things in the middle school going well, and to keep working on areas for improvement such as the Schedule and the Short lunch ( he later refers to the short lunch as a ‘critical area to change’)”

David is not going to remain part of GFS faculty or staff next year, but he does plan to “remain part of the GFS community” as he puts it.

David wishes the 6th Graders to feel welcomed into the middle school, the 7th graders to understand that they have an increased responsibility within the community, and the 8th graders to feel confident (8th graders are getting grades for the first time).

“What is always on my mind is helping children take advantage of their opportunity offered here at school in GFS. The way the school is open about letting students use their talents. I actually want there to be a system to have talented students to be heard”

David was the first principal of the GFS middle school, so what where the differences and similarities between when he was first here, and now.

“One of the main differences is that there are more students here now then when I was here, therefore there are more faculty and staff here than before”

“The teachers continue to love middle school students, — the many opportunities the students here have”

“Meeting for worship is still the same”

There are a lot of political activist groups that are now headed by children. We wanted to know what was David’s opinion.

“I think that the first thing — in America because we only have 2 political systems we are forced to choose one or the other, which sets up argument and division,” “It is understandable when people get argumentative about politics”

“I think that the environmentalist movement is really good, I think that the two movements that were   happening around me when I was in high school were Vietnam and the civil rights movement”

“Well we try right away with the walk-out, we tried to let students walk out, I think it is also allowing students who are involved in these things talk about these things and have more publicity”

“There is a range of opinions, there are people who are unsure, and there are people who just oppose it. That is why student leadership would help talk about it”

“I think that an understanding of global news is absolutely important, it is now everyone who has to be educated about world affairs”

“America is still a pretty isolated country, we are deeply affected because we don’t have to know about countries far away from us”

We wanted to ask him what his Rose, Bud , and thorns were for his experience so far (Rose being a good experience, Bud being a hope, and Thorn being an area that was not satisfactory)

“Rose: being able to be back here, I love being here. My bud: leave this middle school in better shape. Thorns: no thorns!”

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