Being a new student

Every year new students start at GFS. They come from larger schools, smaller schools, or schools the same size. I interviewed some new students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades to see their perspective on being new.

I asked Jayden from eighth grade, “How is GFS different from your old school?” Jayden said, “The classes are bigger and the teachers are more enthusiastic. I’m not afraid to ask questions, there is more time to do homework, and I don’t have the same classes every day.” 

I asked Alayah, a seventh-grader, if she feels included and has friends. She answered, “Yes, the kids here are open and accepting.”

Jerry from sixth grade said, “I have friends.” 

I then asked Ellis in sixth grade, what his favorite thing about GFS is. He said, “I like how the people are so welcoming even though I was a new student and I’ve never been here before.”

Alayah said, “I really enjoy English, Hannah is super fun and nice!”

A common answer from all my interviews was that they were enjoying GFS so far.

There are many different reasons that these students switched schools. Jayden came to GFS because “This is a good school with a better education.” but Alayah switched to GFS because “My mom got a recommendation from someone who used to work here.”

Ellis moved to GFS because “My parents wanted me to switch schools probably so that I could have a better education.” 

The last question was: “Did anything surprise you about GFS?” There are many things that go through your head when starting at a new school, assumptions being one of them. Ellis answered, “I thought that people would be more nice than at other schools. I didn’t expect the campus to have so much stuff.”

Being a new student can be hard. Every year new students start at Germantown Friends School coming from a bigger school, smaller school, or a school around the same size.

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