Camping trips: Which one is the best?

Ask any teacher what you’ll remember when you look back on middle school, they’ll say the camping trip. Each camping trip is meant to bond you with your classmates, and maybe help you understand the wilderness more. Each camping trip gets shorter the older you are, with the sixth grade trip being much longer than MOSAIC.

The sixth grade camping trip (my personal favorite) takes place at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. It has many hikes with your homeroom, including the stream hike and the boulder field. It was an amazing bonding experience, and definitely brought our homeroom together.  We had to prepare our own food, which was a major trust building event. Sam Spear, an eighth grader, said it was his favorite trip because, “There were more hikes, there was more woods experience.”

The seventh grade trip is at an overnight camp on Lake Greely. It has changed venues over the last three years, but it is more “glamping” than the 6th grade trip. You get to pick out your activities on a form, and they are taught by counselors from the camp. Ezra Stern, an eighth grader said it was his favorite because, “Everyone was there.”

MOSAIC is a one day retreat to the Chestnut Hill Meeting House. When talking about MOSAIC, I am biased because of an unfortunate incident involving wasps. It seemed quite boring for the time I was there, with some “Team building exercises,” that where not that fun. The food was field trip staples such as greasy cheese pizza, apples, and stale soft pretzels. 

In my opinion, the sixth grade camping trip was the best. Despite a different ,unfortunate incident with wasps, I had a lot of fun in the woods, and I definitely built some friendships that are still with me. MOSAIC was my least favorite, because of the wasps ,and it feels like a field trip rather than a “Retreat” or camping trip. The seventh grade was in the middle. It was a lot of fun, but not as good as the sixth grade trip.

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