Climate change walkout

On Friday, September 20th, more than 4 million students, teachers and families all over the world striked against climate change. People arrived with signs, chants and positive attitudes, making the walkout memorable and impressive. 

People walking around Center City, striking. 

As the day went along, more and more people joined, protesting and chanting against climate change. 

This picture is taken from a place in the packed crowd, moving through Center city. 

 I interviewed Dean Deseve, a current 8th grader at GFS, who went to the walkout, to see what his opinions about the topic were.  

My first question was: “Why did you go to the walkout?” 

Dean answered, “I care about the climate and am worried that if we don’t stop it, global warming will get even worse.” 

“What inspired or encouraged you?” 

“Teachers constantly reminding and offering to go inspired me,” Dean responded. 

“How was the experience?”

“It was interesting. There were a lot of different people there, and the overall message was really strong.” 

“Do you think the walkout made a difference in the way we think about climate change?” was the last question I asked Dean.  

“I don’t think it made a change.” He answered.  “It wasn’t the first one, and the people who deny climate change are very cemented in their ideas.” 

Overall, there was a great outcome to the walkout. Everyone was inspired and determined, bringing their best energy, and even signs! 

This picture shows a group of children, who walked out of school to support the movement. 

I went to the walkout, as a student, I am very determined and inspired to make a change in the world. It was a perfect opportunity and the whole situation turned out amazing! It was so encouraging and moving to see all the people walking around the city. Every person there wanted one thing, and that was to make a change in our world. Although the walkout didn’t solve all our problems with the climate and global warming, it definitely raised awareness to the issues, and that is one of the most important factors in the process of stopping climate change and improving our environment. 

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