Coke v. pepsi

Coke vs. Pepsi 

By Walter Savage 

Soda, Pop, Cola. These are all names for the most popular drinks in America. And one company stands on top is Coca Cola. But a lot of people say that their rival company, Pepsi, is much better. So,I took to the halls of Sharpless to solve this mystery.

The argument about Coke and Pepsi has been going on for many years. I am sure that different versions of this article have been written at different schools. People argue that Coke is more sweet while Pepsi has a stronger cola flavor.

What I first found out is that a large amount of middle school students who have never had Coke, Pepsi, or even soda. I can name many times in Lower School when we had soda.

Only 21 out of the approximately 40 people I interviewed had tried Coke or Pepsi, and the common opinion is that Coke is better. 14 out of 21 GFS students said that they like Coke better. 7 people said they liked Pepsi more. Often times I see more people drinking Pepsi in the Midwest, so I ask my family there which soda they liked more. They said Pepsi.

I think that it’s truly about where you live and how you grew up and not about how it tastes or how fizzy it is or how sweet it is. It’s about what brings you back home and for me Pepsi brings me back to the people and places I love.

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