Is it really a rivalry?

What does a Tiger and a Quaker have in common? Well, they’re not that far away from each other. The two schools are separated by 2,000 feet, and from the surface, it may seem that they have a fierce hatred and rivalry towards one another, but this may not be the opinion from the students of Germantown Friends School. I asked some of my friends and middle school A-team athletes who they enjoyed beating the most

Firstly, I decided to ask a couple of Soccer players what they thought:

“Penn Charter, because I know a bunch of kids that go there, and they’re a block away from the fields”

-Ezra Stern, A team striker

“Oh SCH (Springside Chestnut Hill), because there (are) some kids on my club team who play for SCH”

-Tate Jensen, A team Defender and holding Midfielder

These were some common answers, it seems like many GFS athletes have a friendly connection to schools such as SCH and PC because of their outside-of-school athletic commitments.

“It’s a tie between SCH and Shipley”

-Calder Cook, A team Defender

I then decided to approach a couple of cross country runners because I thought they might have a different opinion.

“Probably Penn Charter”

-Dean DeSeve, 3rd in Belmont Plateau

“I’ll just say TPS”

-Jackson Rodgers, Student athlete

I even asked a former athlete who’s now a teacher:

“Springside… They ended our undefeated season in basketball”

-Dorothy Cary, History Teacher

So after asking a bunch of students and a couple teachers, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a very split issue on GFS campus, and maybe the upcoming winter sports season can split the issue even more.

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