The Frontrunners of the 2020 Presidential Election

On January 20th, 2017, the first presidential candidate for the 2020 election started his run. His name is Donald Trump, and he is the main reason why over 25 democrats are running for the office that Trump holds in 2020. Recently, former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, joined the race, immediately getting over 2% support in some polls. But, he isn’t in the lead. The frontrunners are former Vice President Joe Biden, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and South Bend, IN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The race is packed now, but soon it will get much smaller.

    On February 3rd, 2020, the Iowa Caucuses will take place. It will be a close race in Iowa, with Pete Buttigieg currently in the lead. This will trim the number of candidates to hopefully just a handful, which will bring in the key supporters and the undecided voters. With the other caucuses and primaries ending by June 17th, we will eventually see a winner. This race is obviously important, with the impeachment hearings happening now, and votes in the House and Senate coming soon. Because there are so many candidates, I feel like it’s my duty to tell you about the frontrunners. 

    Former Vice President Joe Biden is in the lead typically getting 20-30% of the support in Democratic polls. With his experience in politics and his “bromance” with former President Barack Obama, people know who the “gaffe machine” is. He is a big supporter of Medicare, wanting to introduce a public health insurance option. He is a big supporter of climate activists and middle-class families, as well as same-sex marriage. He’s had the most support since April 2019, even having support before he started his campaign.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a front runner for a while, and before Joe Biden joined the race, she started looking like the Democratic Presidential nominee. Elizabeth Warren was a law professor at Harvard University, and she used to work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. One of her signature policies is the wealth taxes, which could cost some people more than $11 billion every year. She has more experience in law than almost every other candidate, but is rural America ready for a female President?

    Warren’s closest rival in the race is Senator Bernie Sanders, who has had his ups and downs. He has been in congress since 1990, making him the second-most experienced candidate in the race. He is also one of the most controversial candidates, having very socialist views on many issues including healthcare, guns, and the wealthiest 1%, as well as being the oldest presidential candidate at the age of 78. If he does win the election, he would be 79 when taking the oath of office. He has already had health scares this year, so what would happen when he’s in his 80’s?

    The youngest candidate, who has recently become a frontrunner, is South Bend, IN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, at the young age of 37. He was put in the spotlight in the middle of November after a spike of support in key states like Iowa, where he now leads the race. Mayor Pete is the first openly gay candidate for president to have a major campaign, which has always kept him in the news. His key policies are making a bigger Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, making a public health insurance option, stopping climate change, and making universal gun background checks. He is fighting for almost everything the Democratic Party wants. But think about this, he’s a millennial running for President!

    With the many candidates comes many choices, and hopefully it’s easier for you to make a choice. There are many other candidates who are scoring less than 5% in many polls, and their policies might be to your liking. This is by far the most important election ever, giving voters the chance to choose the path we humans take to either save the planet, or let global warming take over. This election could also be the deciding factor to the future of the United States.

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