A fire and a rat? WHat really happened in the cafeteria a few weeks ago?

Susan Robinson burst into John King’s 12:05 history class and looked Mr. King dead in the eye she said, “Can I make a quick announcement?” She asked, John to shut off the video and John replied, “Absolutely”. Susan then turned her attention towards the students in the class and announced that the cafeteria had been shut down for the day and that the food was being moved to Hargroves Cafe. A murmur went around the room, some students were just changing the route they would take in their heads so that they could get to the pizza first. But others minds went immediately to the reason that the food was moved. As I dropped my bag off and walked to the Wade Science Center I talked with Theo Robinson, an 8th grader and we developed different theories about what had happened. I met up with Theo while writing this article to talk to him about what he really thought happened.

My Theory is That it Was Rats…. Either Rats or a Small Fire”

“This theory doesn’t go without some agreement from the GFS community. Middle School Principal, David Kern, told me that he has heard the rumor from other teachers and students that a rat could have been the reason for the switch. But that doesn’t really make sense…”

-Theo Robinson, 8th Grader.

Was It Rats?

Well, it wouldn’t make sense to move the food if it was a rat. The cafeteria wouldn’t take the food that had a rat sniffing around it and give it to a bunch of children. If someone found out that they had eaten rat-food it would cause loads of problems, and the cafeteria really wouldn’t want that bad press.

So Was it a Fire?

This is the most plausible reason. A small fire in the cafeteria would have decommissioned their kitchen and prevented them from serving food in that space. The thing is, no fire trucks were spotted that day at Germantown Friends School, so if there was a fire, it would have caused much more of a change than just moving the food. Besides who would have started it?

We still don’t know what happened in the cafeteria that day. Many possibilities remain open. But for know the mystery remains unsolved, so the best we can do is go about our day.

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