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Ferguson: A GFS Response

By Chloe Smith-Frank and Jessyca D’Oliveira

When talking about current events (From Emma Watson to school shootings), most Middle Schoolers get their facts jumbled. We get our facts wrong because by the time we hear it, the information has probably been passed between people at least twice. Continue reading Ferguson: A GFS Response

Holiday Movie Preview

The stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a goldmine of incredible filmmaking and predictable box office flops. With the Oscar race officially started, actors have begun to hunt for awards and screen writers have started to reach for their breakthrough. Whether you like fantasy or harsh reality, this holiday season offers something for every person willing to pay an arm and a leg for popcorn. Continue reading Holiday Movie Preview

Movie Review: The Maze Runner

How many times has an up-and-coming young-adult writer realized that they owe their living to Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight? Not very often anymore, apparently. With The Maze Runner, James Dashners’ recent success, aspiring bestsellers might have a new person to thank. Continue reading Movie Review: The Maze Runner

Gossip Girl, Gossip Boy

Schools and parents want to believe that this new group of kids will be better than the last. They want to believe that we won’t stab each other in the back, whisper about each other or exclude each other. But I’m pretty sure that this has always happened, and is fairly natural. And I’m pretty sure it will continue to happen until the authorities fit us for muzzles.
Continue reading Gossip Girl, Gossip Boy