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The Steam Era in the Electric City

by Ben and Grace R.

Welcome to Steamtown National Historic Site, located in Scranton, PA, the Electric City. Take a time machine back to the end of the nineteenth century; the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W) was in full swing. The DL&W was a major carrier of anthracite, the hard and clean-burning coal found in northeastern Pennsylvania. Continue reading The Steam Era in the Electric City

Lil BUB, A Social Media Sensation

It’s a mystery how some videos become viral. A random laughing baby gets ten million views.  How? Crazy reactions to opening presents, people walking into poles while texting, and major fails become viral. Is it the mere act of “Hey look at this video I saw,” or the suggested videos section on Youtube, or even social media in general? Continue reading Lil BUB, A Social Media Sensation

Amtrak Train Day

Have you ever watched movies and read books like Harry Potter, Unstoppable, the Train, planes trains and automobiles and the Polar Express and wondered about the trains mentioned? Well I sure did, then I went to Amtrak train day and I learned a ton not only about Amtrak though. I learned about the different types of horns and I even got to sit in the engineers seat.It was so much fun and it was all free. We got to see the tiniest details like China plates used in the old dining cars and different uniforms of the crew.  Continue reading Amtrak Train Day

YouTube Red: Washing Away Equality?

Since YouTube was released in 2005, one simple thing has made it different from other social media sites. On other sites there could be some kind of upgrade, or class (you would have to pay for), that made the split between the people who could afford, and those who couldn’t. An example of this is on Instagram. You can pay to get old, unused accounts, to follow yours, using an app that you have to pay for. It’s sort of like a bribe.  YouTube was never like this, until now.

Continue reading YouTube Red: Washing Away Equality?