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Life as a Scottish Student

One plane full to the brim with businessmen, mid-year vacationers, a crying baby, and 6 very tired people from GFS: Kathleen Maguire, Naomi Laver, Isabella Garrioch, Jane MacRae, Abby Gaudinier, and Bob Reinhardt, on the way to the eighth grade exchange to Scotland. St Georges School for girls (boarding and day school) eagerly awaits in Edinburgh, Scotland. Continue reading Life as a Scottish Student

Pizzly Bear

Most people have heard of an animal called a polar bear, and most people people have heard of an animal called a grizzly bear. But have you ever heard of a pizzly bear, a bear living in the Arctic that is actually a hybrid mammal of a polar and a grizzly bear? Lots of hybrid animals are coming into existence, such as Ligers, Zonkeys, Wholphins, and many more. Some hybrid animals occur due to human interaction, but now they have started creating themselves. Continue reading Pizzly Bear