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I'm Izzy. I am a 13 year old human bean who enjoys lots of random stuff, from adventure time to grapefruits. I also really love hedgehogs, ice cream, filmcow, science, finding out how things work, books, and orchids.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings is a creative and original stop-motion film, which follows a boy in Japan who lives with his mysterious mother in a cave on the outskirts of a village by the ocean, until one night when he is attacked by his two aunts and his mother disappears after sending him away to safety. After this, Kubo leaves his village behind and begins a quest to find his late father’s armor, “the only thing that can protect him”, according to a monkey that joins him on his journey. Continue reading Kubo and the Two Strings

Profile: Chelsea Koehler

“[Chelsea is] fabulous,” says math teacher Peter Lai. “She is so kind and has a good sense of the pulse of the Middle School…. She relates well to the kids of the Middle School and you can see it every day.”

Chelsea Koehler, is one of the English teachers for the 8th grade, but she has recently left for maternity leave to care for her new child, Hana Rose. The following is an interview that I did with her via email.

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Robot Invasion at the Franklin Institute

According to scientists, robots will take over almost all of our jobs within 30 years. Even today, there are thousands of new robots replacing workers in factories and shops. The Robot Revolution exhibit at the Franklin Institute showcases 40 different robots, some of which will be buyable and usable in the near future, from cute seals to self driving cars.

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