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Baseball Brawls

On a Sunday not too many weeks ago, a brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays took place. The reason this all up in the news, is because of what started it. Last year, Jose Bautista hit a walk-off home run against the Rangers, the team they were facing at the present time. What happened was that after he hit that home run, Jose Bautista flipped his bat as a celebration. This caused bad blood between the Blue Jays and Rangers. Continue reading Baseball Brawls

How Does The Baseball Season Work?

Currently in the baseball season, the teams are in what we call the regular season. Teams should play 162 games in a season. The regular season isn’t really anything except for teams playing each other to get ready for the playoffs. The only important thing about this part of the season is that how well the teams play decides whether or not they make the playoffs. Even though people think that the regular season because because of that, but really, that doesn’t really come into play (pun not intended) until later. Continue reading How Does The Baseball Season Work?

Jesse Biddle: Taking a Step Back

In 2010, Jesse Biddle, senior at GFS at the time, was first round draft pick for the Philadelphia Phillies. He went to play for the Lakewood Blueclaws in single A. He did well, becoming the #2 prospect for the Phillies. The next year, 2012, he became #1. But sadly, he never made it to the majors, after a rough triple-A debut. Continue reading Jesse Biddle: Taking a Step Back