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The Secrets of GFS

By Jesse Overholser

Throughout GFS there are many places that are hidden to the student body; Places that are restricted to students. I ventured into these places, peered around, planning to make them public. These are the many fascinating secrets I uncovered.

First, the Alumni Building used to be a YMCA. On the second floor, through the double doors was an open gym, there were no inside walls. In the basement there was a bowling alley. The lanes and bowling balls still remain. The paint on the lanes also remains. Today, it is used as a storage facility, but the bowling alley aspects are still noticeable. On the third floor there are tiled floors indicating locker rooms. The third floor is no longer used for classes so students are not allowed up there. There are also rumors of a ghost in the alumni building, which may have been made up for a movie, and also a snake in the basement. Next to the alumni building where the science building is now there was an abandoned post office. Next to the post office, where the Hargroves Building is now, there was a cafe, Duva’s ,where students with off campus privileges used to smoke.

One of the stories told here at GFS involves a snake and Cheryl Pinkus, or as many call her, Mrs. P. Mrs. P. is one of the first grade teachers. One day a snake from Geoffrey, one of the lower school science teachers, escaped from his room. It eventually found itself in the Cary building, undetected, who knows how. Then when it entered the building it must have smelled food in Mrs. P’s closet because it ended up there. One day Mrs. P opened her closet , looked up, saw the snake and screamed for Mrs. Shechtman. Another version of this story is Mrs. Shechtman was with Mrs. P. when she opened the closet.

The Little and Smith gyms, and the middle nursery building and the big nursery building, all are connected. The Little Gym used to be called “The Gym” because it was the first and only gym. The Little Gym turned into the girls’ gym and the Smith Gym used to be the boys’ gym. The middle nursery building used to be the boys’ locker room with lockers floor to ceiling. The big nursery was also a locker room, but for girls. It also had lockers floor to ceiling. Outside the little gym there is a circular metal object in the cement. It is believed that is where we store the oil for the heating. The boiler tanks are under the library and the giant steam pipes that transfer the heat stretch all across campus.

The name S-9 might sound very secretive and intriguing, but it’s not. Sorry to break it to you. Well here’s the story of it anyway.  Do you think that the Sharpless building was designed to only have one bathroom? If you said yes, then you are wrong.  S-9 was supposed to be a boys’ bathroom on the first floor of the Sharpless building across the hall from the 8th grade english room. It was decommissioned and used by Will Terry as a dark room for a couple of years. then Bob Miller claimed it as a graveyard for computers before they are recycled. That is what it is used for today.

There are many secrets at GFS, but it is no secret that there are many GFS teachers that graduated from here . Here are a few; Tom Levy, Dorothy Cary, and Kate Hanssen. All three have mothers working at GFS. Others include Jenny Stetzer Goldberg, the former 7th grade history teacher, and Ian Van Wert. Brandon Jones, and Michael Boorse from athletics also attended. Sally West Williams, Meg Cohen Ragas, Diane Mallery, and Stacey Minyard from development attended GFS.  Finally Kathy Paulmier attended GFS.

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Are Middle Schoolers Getting Too Much Homework?

Middle Schoolers take a break from their studies

Are middle schoolers getting too much homework? Here is a question that has been asked many times, by students, teachers, and parents. Out of the eighth graders I surveyed 64% believed that they were getting too much homework (please tell me what you think by participating in the poll.)

If over half of the students in eighth grade think that they are getting too much homework, are they actually getting too much homework? Some people may say, “obviously,” but do students think they are getting too much homework because it takes them too long. Does it take them too long because they have facebook up when they are typing? This is a question that we must ask. Personally, on average I believe I get about two hours to two hours and a half of homework a night, or about 25 to 35 minutes per subjects. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up. If I have a sports game I get home around six and then I have dinner around six thirty so I am up doing homework to nine or ten on a bad night. There are so many distractions and I think that adds some time. This years testimony might just help the eighth grade not be so sleepy in the morning.