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Finals: How Much Prep is Too Much Prep?

Finals. The last obstacle before we can leap into the summer. These famously tricky exams are possibly the most stressful part of the year, maybe even more so than midterms. Some teachers spend weeks preparing their students, while others barely mention them until two days beforehand. The students are quite similar. Some take up hours a day studying, and some study barely fifteen minutes in total. The question is: How much prep is too much prep? Continue reading Finals: How Much Prep is Too Much Prep?

GFS and Sports

As many of you know, middle schoolers are required to do two seasons of sports each year. GFS’s website says that sports are an important part of the curriculum and help “develop fundamental skills and and game strategies in an engaging and challenging atmosphere”. However, while GFS makes quite a convincing argument, there are still kids who don’t enjoy sports, who view having to go to sports as the worst part of their day. So, where is the right place to draw the line so that children are happy and get a good amount of exercise?

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Theater Movement Arts Alternative

Over the winter session of middle school sports, GFS offered a fairly new choice of sports called Theater Movement Arts for people who either aren’t very athletic or just wanted to try something new. GFS’s website called it “a creative alternative” to winter athletics. This was an option last year for the first time, but it was completely revamped this year by Jake Miller, a part-time Theater faculty member. Continue reading Theater Movement Arts Alternative

Does GFS Embody the Quaker Spirit?

Most of you are probably nodding your heads, and saying, “Of course it does.” Because sure, we learn about quakerism, have meeting for worship, and partake in numerous moments of silence, but does that really make us a perfect Quaker school? Some people think that students’ words and actions make us un-quakerly, but others strongly disagree.

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