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The Class of 2020’s Funniest Embarrassing Middle School Moments

Middle school is an awkward three years for everyone. Most humiliatingly hilarious moments are forgotten by the time everyone in your class crosses the threshold into high school. Not anymore! Now these moments will live on forever because the internet is forever. You’re welcome. Continue reading The Class of 2020’s Funniest Embarrassing Middle School Moments

Saudi Arabia: Liable for 9/11?

Almost 15 years ago, terrorist group Al Qaeda crashed two planes into Manhattan’s twin towers, one plane into the Pentagon, and one plane destined for the White House but taken over by passengers and crashed into a field in Shenksville, Pennsylvania. The families of the more than 2,000 victims have been unable to sue anyone for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones, because the party at fault legally was Al Qaeda, and you can’t exactly serve a terrorist group and expect them to show up in court and pay damages to the families of victims.  Continue reading Saudi Arabia: Liable for 9/11?

What’s The Big Deal About The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits?

by Alexa Hanson

You may have heard about the new lip kit that is selling out online within minutes. Kylie Jenner’s matte Lip Kit is the newest beauty product everyone is talking about. It includes one pigmented matte lipstick and one lip liner. With the continuing success of her products, Kylie has been adding new color swatches to her collection, along with lip gloss. Most recently she added metal matte lipsticks just in time for the popular music festival Coachella.
These products are just the latest to come out of the pop phenomenon that is the Kardashian family. Starting in 2007, the Kardashians captured the attention and interest of millions of people worldwide. Since that time, they have been very successful in translating their popularity into commercial successes.

One of the reasons Kylie Jenner’s lip kit is so popular is that the “restocking” creates a sense of exclusivity that excites consumers. About every week, Kylie announces when her products will be in stock on social media or her app. Fans of these lip kits go crazy trying to prepare for this “restock,” reason being that these lipsticks go out of stock within minutes, making them very hard to snag in a short amount of time. Millions of people visit the site as the products restock, crashing the internet numerous times.

When I ordered one of Kylie’s products, I had planned ahead on how to order it. I got onto the site minutes before the time that the lip kits and glosses were going to be restocked. As the clock inched towards that time, I refreshed the site frequently. When the products restocked, I added one lip kit to my cart. I had auto-fill on for my billing and shipping addresses and had copied my credit card number. I was done within two minutes. As I refreshed the site, the products eventually sold out after 16 minutes.

This idea of a “restock” is an effective marketing tool for companies to use, as demonstrated by Kylie Cosmetics. This idea creates a frenzy for these products, making them seem very scarce, and therefore in high demand. Perhaps this trend of marketing through restocks will catch on with other products, considering the success of the lip kits.

The Pack Puzzle: Where Do We Put Our Backpacks?

The Sharpless building is relatively unremarkable, with a tan stone façade and basic windows and doors. But there is something remarkable by the front doors; an array of colorful backpacks “decorating” the front of the Sharpless. The thing is, they’re not supposed to be there. Continue reading The Pack Puzzle: Where Do We Put Our Backpacks?

Is Nuclear War on the Horizon?

North Korea is a small Communist country, bordered by South Korea on the Korean peninsula, Russia and China. It was formed in 1945 after the end of World War II, when Korea was divided into two countries that formed separate governments in 1948. The U.N has published multiple reports on the “unparalleled” human rights violations that the dictatorship of North Korea has committed. Tourism is restricted, and if a tourist steps out of line they could be arrested and imprisoned for years in the reclusive state. Citizens who have committed political crimes or are related to those who commit such crimes have described the horrors that political work camps perpetrate, from a woman who was forced to drown her own baby because it cried too much to people being so starved that they had to eat grass. And now, Kim Jong Un, the fourth North Korean dictator or, as his people call him, “Supreme Leader,”  since the nation was founded, is boasting that his country has successfully conducted several nuclear tests and has the capacity to bomb targets from Seoul to the U.S. Continue reading Is Nuclear War on the Horizon?

The New Pro-Cruz Ad is Sexist and Unacceptable

Donald Trump has been the subject of many headlines recently, most if not all relating to his outrageously ignorant views, especially relating to using the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium to further a political agenda and religious extremism in general. But this week his wife has been the subject of headlines for an ad attacking her that was published last week on the Make America Awesome Facebook campaign. MAA is a group that targets politically conservative voters, trying to turn them away from Trump. This ad attacked Melania Trump, third wife of Donald, for a GQ shoot she did in January 2000, 16 years ago, the goal being to insult her and her husband’s capability of being the First Family. Continue reading The New Pro-Cruz Ad is Sexist and Unacceptable

Staying in Formation

On February 6, 2016, Beyoncé Knowles released her first single in two years, “Formation”, on her husband Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal. The video dropped the day before her hotly anticipated Super Bowl performance with Coldplay and Bruno Mars. She then performed it in front of 114.4 million people. The song and its accompanying video, which you can watch here, have been surrounded with controversy since their release.  Continue reading Staying in Formation