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I am a 14 year old girl who has been at GFS for 10 years. Apart from journalism and writing, I also really enjoy playing tennis, when not in school.

8th Grade-itis

Starting in late April and early June, the students of GFS often see seniors lounging around. There is senior day, where the senior girls walk around in bikinis and the boys walk around in swim trunks. They have slip and slides and sometimes attempt to play beach volleyball (even though there is no beach). Around June, the 8th graders experience similar feelings to what the seniors are going through. 8th grade-itis.

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La La Land Review

Is La La Land worth it? With 6 Academy Award wins, many would argue it is. A somewhat fantastical musical with two of Hollywood’s foremost actors, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. A film which has grossed over $125 million so far. However, some hate it. They complain about the fact that they found the movie boring for the first hour, how Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s voices are horrible, and how the ending was crushing. So how good was La La Land really?

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Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?

Watching rich people on TV is a bit of a peculiar hobby, but for many of us it is LIFE. Why are people so fascinated by the Kardashians, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” “the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” (“Gossip Girl”), the characters from “Downton Abbey,” and the trust fund kids who party on the beach every night (“90210”). Continue reading Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?

Should America Accept Syrian Refugees?

Some people love them, some hate them. The topic of Syrian refugees has been controversial for the last couple of years. Ever since the Syrian War of 2011, residents have been fleeing Syria, attempting to escape the civil war taking place. The situation with the Syrian refugees is known to be the largest humanitarian crisis in over a decade.
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