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Introverts and Extroverts: The preferred personality

Personality is a complex, nuanced subject, but some psychologists believe that you can derive all personality from 5 qualities. One of these is your place on the introversion-extroversion scale. Introverts are people who enjoy solitude more than others. They are people who need time to recharge after being with many people at once, and prefer to have serious conversations with a few close friends. Extroverts are highly social people who enjoy big parties and surround themselves with a big group of friends. They are the ones at the center of the party, while the introverts are the ones on the edges of the circle of people. Continue reading Introverts and Extroverts: The preferred personality

Cars of the Future

Some people are asking when all the complicated, advanced, confusing science that experts are working on will benefit us.  Well, by the year 2100, some scientists say that some high level science will solve a very common problem.

Traffic Jams.  We’ve all experienced them, and all hate them. Cars are getting better, and more advanced, but nothing big is happening in the automobile industry.  This new science will create amazingly fast cars, but at a great cost. Continue reading Cars of the Future