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In the Germantown Friends Upper  School there is a club for only the bravest of souls. This club is called Mock Trial; kids compete with other schools as lawyers witnesses and time keepers. Many kids sign up, but only the hardiest of mind and body survive.  This year 33 students were divided among three teams. In their third season of competition, Team 1 (of 3) came in at 3rd place in the semi-finals after a difficult defeat against Roman Catholic School. Continue reading MockTrial

Doors, GFS doors, the finest of them all , Maybe, Not really, NO.

By Matthew Overholser and Gabe Goldberg

You walk through many of them every day but did you ever stop and really take a good look.  We did. Throughout GFS history many doors have been beaten, written on and some even replaced. This article will evaluate each of these humble portals and will assess which has shown the most resilience over the past years. Continue reading Doors, GFS doors, the finest of them all , Maybe, Not really, NO.

GFS Rugby: A New Beginning

This year there are more fall sports than usual.  Jeff Fetterman has started a new rugby/cross fit team. They learn new skills everyday in the game of rugby. For those who don’t know about rugby it is a very physical sport, men generally play it with a ball a little larger then a football. This sport can be very dangerous though, people tackle each other with out any padding or helmets. This can lead to injuries from a broken finger to a concussion that could end your career.  This team was formed this year to get kids in shape and to teach them rugby. Continue reading GFS Rugby: A New Beginning