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To Scull or Not to Scull? The Age Old Crew Dilemma

The GFS crew team is headed by Coach Aaron Preetam,  who is also a tenth and twelfth grade history teacher. Crew rows from the Vesper Boat Club on boathouse row. The team has only recently officially become part of GFS sports, and I interviewed him to get some perspective on how a coach sees their athletes. Crew has been increasing in popularity in the middle school, with more students asking about where they can learn more and what camps they can go to. If you’re wondering any of those, your questions will be answered here.

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Eighth grade musical: Time warp!

Little scenes came together to form a game show, and everyone in the grade came together…because they were required to participate. This year, the eighth grade performed “Time Warp” for the lower school, middle school, and parents. According to some, it was the best middle school musical they’d seen. Continue reading Eighth grade musical: Time warp!

Friends in unlikely places

Many kids in school don’t realize that students are being bullied and feeling worthless everyday. This is a worldwide problem, and when students are in middle school, they are more likely to look to peers for advice and opinions. In middle school, the average student is willing to change because of what someone else says is cool or acceptable.

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