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No Margin for Error – The Risks that Climbers Will Take

In Yosemite Valley, the afternoon sun shines over Half Dome. The sunlight is leaking out of the valley, but the looming 8,839 foot cliff is cast with light, making the valley look somewhat darker. The date is June 5th.  It is 2:00 P.M. Alex Honnold steps out of his white van (his home), and sets out with his climbing shoes and chalk bag. There is a good chance that he will die today. Continue reading No Margin for Error – The Risks that Climbers Will Take

kNOw Tech 4 Teens

On September 20-21 2014 in the Kimmel Center, a group of teenagers start to gather on the 2nd balcony.  Most of them have not seen each other for weeks.  This is a slumber party, one would put it.  All of the teens are going out to dinner, roasting s’mores, then heading back to the Kimmel Center for an Idol contest, where people will perform.  There is one unusual thing about all of the teenagers that have gathered, none of them have any technology.  They have no phones, computers, or iPods.  That is the reason for this whole event.  A couple of months earlier, an organization had been founded called No Tech for Teens.  The idea from the organization came from a man named Steven Fisher, and the organization that he runs called the Commonwealth Youthchoirs. Continue reading kNOw Tech 4 Teens