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iPad Air: Light or Laughable?

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Apple Software unveiled 2 of their new tablet devices. Among some upgrades to the iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Pros, Apple showed the new iPad Air and iPad Mini to the world. The last iPad keynote speech was less than a year ago. This year, Apple has yet again launched products aimed for the holiday shopping season.  Many updates came during this keynote as the computer giant displayed multiple new features of the next generation of Apple tablets.

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Apple’s Flagships: Fabulous Or Fail?


On September 10th, Apple unveiled their new flagship devices, the iPhone 5S and the low-cost iPhone 5C. This certain keynote was special because of the fact that they announced two phones. Since the release of these devices, the demand for them has caused these phones to fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive in store. Continue reading Apple’s Flagships: Fabulous Or Fail?