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The Awkward Years: a middle school retrospective

Middle school is over for me and the other sixty-six humans with whom I have now spent much too much time over the past three years. So first, a congratulation: we actually made it! We managed to live through the first of the awkward years, the painful and humiliating years. The years that at family gatherings our relatives cringe to hear we are currently encountering. The stressful, socially inept and hormonally imbalanced years have descended upon us, and we have made it through eighth grade. Continue reading The Awkward Years: a middle school retrospective

The NYT Magazine reimagined: What’s up?

The New York Times Magazine isn’t moving on, it is evolving. The well loved magazine, which has been running now for over 119 years, has been relaunched, which for some diehard fans of the magazine, was slightly jarring. The first issue in a new “stage,” to use pokemon terms shamelessly, of the NYTmag evolution ran on Feb. 18th, 2015. This featured four covers, not in split-run cover format (where alternative covers exist for magazines distributed in different areas) but one after the other, all plays on that magazine’s theme of “Hello, World.” Continue reading The NYT Magazine reimagined: What’s up?

Campus Closeup: test your knowledge of GFS Spaces

How well do you know your school’s campus? Noah Anninger, the GFS Corner’s resident photographer, takes us on a photographic journey of Germantown Friends School’s campus. Can you guess what the subject of each closeup is and where it was taken on campus? Answers are numbered at the bottom of this issue’s editorial by Will McQuillan, “The GFS Bubble.”
Photos by Noah Anninger

Tim’s Vermeer

What is art? If somebody asked you, what would your response be? Perhaps, some allusion to classic portraiture and the glory of the human body. Maybe a traditional view that, as Durer wholeheartedly agreed, nature is the only subject fit to be made immortal. You may say that emotion is beautiful and meant to be recorded. But is that the only answer?  Continue reading Tim’s Vermeer