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GFS and Sports

As many of you know, middle schoolers are required to do two seasons of sports each year. GFS’s website says that sports are an important part of the curriculum and help “develop fundamental skills and and game strategies in an engaging and challenging atmosphere”. However, while GFS makes quite a convincing argument, there are still kids who don’t enjoy sports, who view having to go to sports as the worst part of their day. So, where is the right place to draw the line so that children are happy and get a good amount of exercise?

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5 Obscure Controversies of 2016

2016. What is the first thing it makes you think of? Harambe? The Dab? The Election? Whichever it is, most were important. The dab shaped American society. Harambe caused a major meme. The election changed the future. But what other, more obscure controversial events were influential last year?

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The Promised Land: Will the Eagles Pull Through?

This is week ten in the NFL season, and all of the teams are thinking about the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently 4-4. Which is playoff potential. On the other hand, they have a very hard schedule for the rest of the year. They are in last place in their division, though it is not by much.

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Baseball Brawls

On a Sunday not too many weeks ago, a brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays took place. The reason this all up in the news, is because of what started it. Last year, Jose Bautista hit a walk-off home run against the Rangers, the team they were facing at the present time. What happened was that after he hit that home run, Jose Bautista flipped his bat as a celebration. This caused bad blood between the Blue Jays and Rangers. Continue reading Baseball Brawls

To Scull or Not to Scull? The Age Old Crew Dilemma

The GFS crew team is headed by Coach Aaron Preetam,  who is also a tenth and twelfth grade history teacher. Crew rows from the Vesper Boat Club on boathouse row. The team has only recently officially become part of GFS sports, and I interviewed him to get some perspective on how a coach sees their athletes. Crew has been increasing in popularity in the middle school, with more students asking about where they can learn more and what camps they can go to. If you’re wondering any of those, your questions will be answered here.

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How Does The Baseball Season Work?

Currently in the baseball season, the teams are in what we call the regular season. Teams should play 162 games in a season. The regular season isn’t really anything except for teams playing each other to get ready for the playoffs. The only important thing about this part of the season is that how well the teams play decides whether or not they make the playoffs. Even though people think that the regular season because because of that, but really, that doesn’t really come into play (pun not intended) until later. Continue reading How Does The Baseball Season Work?

Editorial: Is GFS Inclusive Enough In Terms of Sports?

Sports can be a controversial topic all over the world, and even at GFS, there are differing opinions about the positives and negatives of school sports and the middle school’s athletics requirements. In seventh and eighth grades, two seasons of sports are required, a reduction from three seasons required in past years. Although it is possible to get an exemption, the topics surrounding required sports and athletics in general typically spark some controversy.

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‘Nova Beats UNC With A Buzzer Beater

Meet the NCAA tournament champions, Villanova University.  After a stress-filled game, ‘Nova won with a buzzer beater three pointer shot by junior forward Kris Jenkins, making the final score 77-74. The University of North Carolina was expected to win the championship, considering that they were the number one seed, but fell short in the last few seconds of the game.  Continue reading ‘Nova Beats UNC With A Buzzer Beater

Jesse Biddle: Taking a Step Back

In 2010, Jesse Biddle, senior at GFS at the time, was first round draft pick for the Philadelphia Phillies. He went to play for the Lakewood Blueclaws in single A. He did well, becoming the #2 prospect for the Phillies. The next year, 2012, he became #1. But sadly, he never made it to the majors, after a rough triple-A debut. Continue reading Jesse Biddle: Taking a Step Back

Royals Capture 1st Title in 30 Years

      Baseball history was made in five days in October of 2015, as it usually is. Two elite sports teams faced off in those days, and one would come out victorious. But who, you ask? For the first time in 30 years, the Kansas City Royals won a title as the best team in baseball in 2015. Continue reading Royals Capture 1st Title in 30 Years