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Guillen Suspension Appropriate

In early April 2012 Ozzie Guillen Miami Marlins manager said, “I love Fidel Castro…I respect Fidel Castro.” Guillen possibly chose the worst place to say such a thing. Miami is no more then 90 miles from Cuba where Castro so infamously made his communist reform. So many Miamians have felt the wrath of Castro they were enraged. Many people joined in a protest saying that he should be fired immediately. Others say that the 5-game suspension that he suffered was not fair. Should a player or manager be suspended just because of political views? This was beyond sports though.

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13th, 1926 in Biran, Cuba. A Cuban politician and revolutionary Castro was the First Secretary of the Communist party of Cuba since its foundation in 1961-2011. He was the Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959-1976. At which point he became the President of Cuba until 2008. After he rose the power Cuba became a one party socialist state.

Guillen was born on January, 20, 1964 in Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela. He made his major league debut April 9th 1985 for the Chicago White Sox. He was a quick, hardworking, passionate player. He was a .264 career hitter with over 1,750 hits and 619 RBIS.  He ended his career in 2000 with Tampa Bay. The very next year he began his more successful coaching career with the Montreal Expos. He was on the coaching staff of the world champion Florida Marlins in 2003. In 2004 he was hired as manager of the Chicago White Sox to replace Jerry Manuel. The next year he was able to win the World Series for them. In 2012 he began coaching the Miami Marlins.

Guillen has since apologized and has seemingly been forgiven. Many people are asking though should sports players or entertainers in general make there political positions so clear. This will always follow Guillen and some will never forgive him. Just as many people will never forgive Philadelphia Eagles star Michael Vick. Was what Guillen said opinion and completely O.K. or is what he said over the top and immoral? Was his suspension too lenient or too harsh?

The Phillies: Retrospect and Next Year

by Sam Istvan

In 2011 the Philadelphia Phillies once again made the playoffs. This time it was different, though. The Phillies carried FOUR aces with them to the playoffs, plus another one that they had to stick in the bullpen. Their first opponent was the best hitting team in the National League along with one of the best pitcher’s in the NL, the St. Louis Cardinals. They wielded maybe the best 3, 4, 5 hitters in the league, in Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday. The Phillies pitchers combined to give up just under four runs per game in the NLDS( National League Division Series), a respectable number, but the Phillies’ bats produced only four runs per game to match the pitching performance and they came up short, being shutout in the deciding game of the NLDS and being eliminated from the Postseason.

Some people blame Ruben Amaro Jr., Phillies’ General Manager, below-average performance on the offensive side in the playoffs and the fact that  he spent the money he had on pitchers and not hitters;  I believe that it is not his fault. I think that the Phillies have just failed to wake up their bats, as those old wooden things haven’t been out of hibernation in the playoffs since 2008.

The Phillies ended up ranking seventh in runs per game in the National League and thirteenth in the MLB, meaning they were in the middle of the pack and that they did hit some in the regular season and it wasn’t just the pitching that got them 102 wins. The Phillies were in the playoffs with a mediocre pitching staff in 2008, but exploded with their bats to win the World Series. Then, with an even better pitching staff with the addition of Cliff Lee in the playoffs the following year, the Phillies seemed to forget how to hit in the World Series against the Yankees terrible pitching staff and lost it in six games. Again, they found themselves in the Postseason in 2010 with a great pitcher in Roy Halladay, but again, forgot to wake up their bats after their nap at the end of the season and made it to the NLCS before watching Ryan Howard make another strikeout to end their season.

In 2011 it seemed to be déjà vu as Ryan Howard actually made contact for once, but hit into an out once again, to end the season. Howard, reflecting the unreliable, should-be benchwarmer that’s always been inside of him, hurt his Achilles heel and is out for the whole off-season and half of the 2012 season. Howard produced mediocre numbers this year despite being paid like he was supposed to hit like Albert Pujols, which he evidently didn’t. Now, Amaro Jr. is forced to find a new first-baseman for half of the next season. Some options have been moving Utley; their second baseman, to first-base or reaching outside of the organization to either trade for or sign a first-baseman.

No offense to Howard, but I think if they tried to teach a back-up outfielder to play first base, at least he’d hit better than Howard. Oh, wait, I do mean offense. As long as I’m offending him, I might as well add; what kind of player being paid $20 million a year, ends two seasons in a row with a chance to tie the game?! I guess what I’m trying to say is, what was Amaro Jr. thinking signing Howard for that kind of money?! Some Phillies fans are egging on Amaro Jr. to get rid of a pitcher and spend the money on some hitters, but he’s probably actually in debt because he spent all of his money and then some on Ryan Howard, their “star.”

This lineup used to be a lineup with MVP type players and maybe that’s why people can’t seem to figure out why they can’t hit at times, but the truth is, is that you don’t stay young forever. Unfortunately, Amaro Jr. seems to think that he can just keep waltzing into the playoffs with the same batting lineup every year. He seems to just sit and watch and think, “Heck, we’ll keep winning if they’re in their seventies! Wake up, and smell reality. I don’t think you want to find out the noise Philadelphia fans can make when they’re mad, Amaro (Hint: It’s about as much noise as they made when you won the World Series, but they’ll actually be yelling ”Boooooooooo” this time).

NY Giants versus Philadelphia Eagles

If you live in any city and like their rival team, there is tension, no matter what the sport is. I like the NY Giants, and that is one of the Philadelphia Eagles main rivals. It’s not my fault that I like the NY Giants; it’s my dad’s. My dad grew up in NY so naturally he was a fan of the NY Giants, NY Yankees and the NY Rangers. Thankfully the Yankees had an owner whom my dad disliked, so I didn’t have to grow up becoming a Yankees fan. The funniest part about living in Philadelphia and liking another team is that when the Eagles lost a Sunday night game. It is funny how every fan is down after a sports team loses. If the Eagles have a Sunday game and they lose to a no-good team then everyone has more trouble fitting into the Monday schedule again. So it’s also awkward to walk into whatever you’re doing Monday morning with a smile and talk about sports. I have learned to watch the Eagle’s game so I can at least talk about what happened. It is quite a funny reaction when I tell some people that I am a NY Giants fan. The reaction is either “I can’t ever talk to you again,” or “How?” I haven’t lost any friends with my sports preferences, but when the Giants and the Eagles play each other, depending on who wins, there is tension. If the Giants win all of Philadelphia is a sad place, except for my family who is happy that the Giants won. If it is the other way around, I am disappointed that the Giants lost and everybody is happy that the Eagles won. So when you first meet someone, try to stay in neutral sports area, meaning that you don’t want to tell someone that you like the rival sport team or you probably have a chance of getting teased when you don’t live up to their expectations. Of course, all sports are in fun, so the teasing is always a kidding kind of teasing. As my dad always says “It’s all in good fun.” Thank goodness for that because otherwise, I would have a lot of rivals!

GFS MS Winter Sports- A Season to remember

Over the past weekend. Germantown Friends School was very well represented by all sports teams in their various tournaments.

One of these teams was the Middle school wrestling team. The team had a very good beginning to the season starting 6-0. They finished the season 7-2, and were ready for the upcoming annual Springfield Tournament. This was where 6 public and private school wrestled to win trophies in their weight class. Every person on the team took home a trophy. Whether it was a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place trophy everyone on the team received one. Seventh Grader Tony Verruto won first place for his weight class and 7th Grader Josh Berg took second. 8th grader s Andrew Wilson and Peter Jarka-Sellers battled back from early losses to win 3rd and 4th place trophies in their respective weight classes.

Another sport that was successful was boy’s squash. They went to the nationals over the weekend that were located in New Port, Connecticut. They won an easy first-round match against Edgewood School. In the second-round, they suffered a tough loss to Chestnut Hill Academy. They later redeemed themselves with wins against Pingry and Middle School 45 in New York City. They ended up taking fifth place, meaning they were the fifth best team in the Nation, which is pretty amazing.

Boy’s Basketball also had a very sucessful weekend. They visited The Philadelphia School for a tournament with four schools. IN the first round they beat Friend’s Central easily. After that, came the finals. They had to face The Philadelphia School at their court. After support from all team members, they won a very close game and took home the trophy!!!

This was a very great winter for GFS sports teams. Everyone ended up taking home some medals.

Sports Exemptions at GFS

By Andreas Bezahler

Sketch by Sammy Randall

At Germantown Friends Middle School you are required to take one sport per season. In some cases though, you can get exempt for a season or in some cases even the whole year . There are many different sports or various activities that can qualify you for a sports exemption.  It may surprise you to know that at GFS there are currently about 25 exempt students.

Some of the outside sports which are exemption approved include horseback riding, ballet, ice-hockey, swimming, martial arts, Irish dancing, cheerleading, fencing, tennis, table tennis, travel soccer and hiking. I decided to interview some people who are exempted from sports.  One person with an exemption who I interviewed is a current 7th grader named Alexandra Rhoads.

Me: Hi Alex

Alex: Hey

M: What sport are you exempt for?

A: I swim indoors at Cheltenham High School

M: Is there a reason why you didn’t choose a sport at GFS?

A: Because, I really wanted to swim and it wasn’t an option for middle schoolers at GFS

M: Do you think that GFS should broaden their sports to include swimming?

A: Yes, but I think it would cost a lot of money and there may not be enough people to make a team.

M: Do you think that GFS should make it a priority?

A: Yes, I think it would also make GFS a more attractive school.

M: Well, thanks for your opinion and I enjoyed talking with you.

A: You’re welcome

In conclusion you can see that a lot of children are exempt because they want to play various sports not in the GFS middle school athletics program.  The majority of children though love and enjoy playing for our school, and think our athletics program is a great asset for a school.