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Is Meeting for Worship Important?


Meeting for Worship is that half hour on Tuesdays spent in silent reflection, when students can reflect. It embodies the Quaker spirit, and is one of the few times when students and teachers can share their thoughts with the whole middle school. However, generally it seems nobody has thoughts to share. The only people who stand and share are the teachers or students who have announcements about clubs or sports. Should Meeting for Worship still be a part of our curriculum?


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Narwhale Addiction

Are you addicted to is a popular Multiplayer computer game apart of the .io chain, which was created by a 19-year-old Brazilian developer named Matthew Valadares. The game has been a big hit and people all around the world are playing it.

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Theater Movement Arts Alternative

Over the winter session of middle school sports, GFS offered a fairly new choice of sports called Theater Movement Arts for people who either aren’t very athletic or just wanted to try something new. GFS’s website called it “a creative alternative” to winter athletics. This was an option last year for the first time, but it was completely revamped this year by Jake Miller, a part-time Theater faculty member. Continue reading Theater Movement Arts Alternative

The Pack Puzzle: Where Do We Put Our Backpacks?

The Sharpless building is relatively unremarkable, with a tan stone façade and basic windows and doors. But there is something remarkable by the front doors; an array of colorful backpacks “decorating” the front of the Sharpless. The thing is, they’re not supposed to be there. Continue reading The Pack Puzzle: Where Do We Put Our Backpacks?

The Steam Era in the Electric City

by Ben and Grace R.

Welcome to Steamtown National Historic Site, located in Scranton, PA, the Electric City. Take a time machine back to the end of the nineteenth century; the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W) was in full swing. The DL&W was a major carrier of anthracite, the hard and clean-burning coal found in northeastern Pennsylvania. Continue reading The Steam Era in the Electric City

The Corn Syrup Controversy

It has been around for years and years with supporters and deniers. It has had loads of articles published on it, and people have talked about it constantly. It is in almost all of our processed foods, and almost all of our processed drinks. What is it? High fructose corn syrup. As a sweetener made from corn, it doesn’t seem to be that bad for you. But people have their different opinions.

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Goodbye Ken

For many, the first time they see Middle School Principal Ken Aldridge is at their sixth grade orientation. “Remember,” sixth grade teacher Janet Kalkstein says, “He’s your PrinciPAL. Hokey puns aside, Ken really is one of the most warmly regarded figures in the Middle School. Described as “the perfect balance between understanding and responsible,” Ken’s calm, friendly, manner makes him a great principal. Which is why it really stinks that he won’t be ours next year! Continue reading Goodbye Ken