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Essena O’Neill, the Instagram Model Who Quit Social Media

Essena O’Neill is 19-year-old woman from Australia who decided to quit social media. She was a part of a new phenomenon of  “Instagram models,” typically girls ranging from the age of 15 into their 20s, who decide to take a stand against the obsessive perfectionism fueled by social media. She was often paid for wearing a dress, tagging the designer and posting it on Instagram for her 500,000 followers to see. But then, in early November, she decided to leave the social media world. Many people are asking, “but why would she do that? Why would she walk away from that perfect life?”

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We Are The Champions: USA!

Our country had a great achievement this summer. The U.S. women’s national team won the world cup. For those of you who are not avid soccer fans, the World Cup is the biggest title in soccer. The women won their third World Cup title, which breaks records because no other women’s team has ever done that and they got revenge on Japan who had beaten them at the last World Cup.

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