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Life With Seven Cats

Illustration by Isabella B. 

It isn’t common for someone to have seven cats. Most cat owners have one to three cats, or possibly four. But for some people in GFS (maybe three people) and others in the world, seven cats or even more is a thing in their lives.  I, Leo, am one of those people. I have seven cats.

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Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

This is an argument that has been going on for millions of years. From the cavemen to the ancient Egyptians, to man’s best friend to an ugly little mischief creature. I am no doubt a dog person, but I’m going to try and make this article as unbiased as possible. Here we go.

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Lil BUB, A Social Media Sensation

It’s a mystery how some videos become viral. A random laughing baby gets ten million views.  How? Crazy reactions to opening presents, people walking into poles while texting, and major fails become viral. Is it the mere act of “Hey look at this video I saw,” or the suggested videos section on Youtube, or even social media in general? Continue reading Lil BUB, A Social Media Sensation

Are You a Feline Fanatic or a Canine Cheerleader?

Are you a “cat person” or a “dog person?” People who love their dogs can sometimes find it hard to see what cat owners see in their cats. Likewise, “cat people” can have a hard time seeing the appeal of sloppy dog kisses. There are several studies and many articles on the topic of the differences between so called “cat people” and “dog people.”  A recent scientific study shows that if cats could, they would kill you. Does that affect the number of cat people in the world?

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